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VECTASTAIN® Elite ABC-HRP Kit, Peroxidase (St



The VECTASTAIN Elite ABC system is the most sensitive avidin/biotin-based peroxidase system and is approximately 5 times more sensitive than the original VECTASTAIN ABC Kit. It is available without a…


產品名稱:VECTASTAIN® Elite ABC-HRP Kit, Peroxidase (Standard), 1 Kit

別名:Vectastain Elite ABC-HRP免疫組化試劑盒(標準)

產品描述:VECTASTAIN Elite ABC Peroxidase Staining Kit has more than 50,000 citations to its credit and remains widely popular. Based on the versatile avidin-biotin complex interaction, the system is modular, and along with our selection of secondary antibodies, can accommodate a wide array of primary antibody and tissue species. Our ABC kits are economical and continue to be a staple product in any immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC) laboratory.Peroxidase substrates produce sharp, dense precipitates with crisp localization. These characteristics, in conjunction with the high sensitivity and low background of the VECTASTAIN® ABC systems, make the peroxidase enzyme a preferred choice in many applications. (eg. In neural tissue, the peroxidase system is often preferred because it gives more consistent labeling of both cell bodies and processes.)VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC SystemAdvanced avidin-biotin technology: The Elite® ABC complex is smaller, very uniform, and highly active, allowing more accessibility for binding to a biotinylated targetHighest sensitivity, low background: The VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC system is the most sensitive avidin-biotin complex-based peroxidase system. The Elite® ABC series is approximately 5 times more sensitive than the original VECTASTAIN® ABC Kit with the same low background.Cost effective: Higher sensitivity leads to lower cost per slide.Available without ( Standard kit) or with biotinylated species specific or universal secondary antibodies.Available in Ready-To-Use (R.T.U.) formats: Prediluted, stabilized working solutions of Elite® ABC Kit reagents provide the same high sensitivity and low background as the traditional VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC Staining Kit reagents.VECTASTAIN® Elite® ABC Kit Components:2 ml Reagent A2 ml Reagent BReagent A and B when mixed form the ABC peroxidase complex.Kit contains sufficient reagents to stain 500-1000 sections. The Avidin Biotin Complex MethodThe VECTASTAIN® ABC systems are extremely sensitive due to the form and number of active enzyme molecules associated with the preformed Avidin/Biotinylated enzyme Complex. This ABC complex takes advantage of two important properties of avidin: 1) an extraordinarily high affinity for biotin (over one million times higher than antibody for most antigens), and 2) four biotin-binding sites. These properties allow macromolecular complexes (ABCs) to be formed by mixing Avidin DH (Reagent A) with its paired biotinylated enzyme (Reagent B) prior to use. The ABC reagent, once formed, remains stable for many hours after formation and can be used for several days after preparation.The VECTASTAIN® ABC Reagent can be used to detect any molecule that is biotinylated. This property gives the avidin-biotin complex (ABC) method great versatility in the types of targets that can be detected as well as the types of applications in which it can be employed. Biotinylated primary antibodies, secondaries, lectins, neuronal tracers, nucleic acids, and ligands can be effectively visualized in applications such as:Tissue stainingMultiple labeling (Multiplex IHC)Western blottingSouthern and northern blottingIn situ hybridization detection (ISH)Enzyme immunoassays (ELISA)Neuronal tracingAll applications benefit from the high sensitivity, low background, reproducibility, and economy of the VECTASTAIN® ABC system.

反應種屬:No antibody included

實驗應用:Immunohistochemistry / Immunocytochemistry,In situ hybridization,Blotting Applications,Elispot,ELISAs





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